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ISASF, International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids, is a non-profit society that aims to promote knowledge and applications of Supercritical Fluids.

Annual meeting 2007

Minutes of the annual meeting June 26, 2007 SEGOVIA (Spain)


Mrs Elisabeth BADENS, MM. Alberto BERTUCCO, Olivier BOUTIN, Gerd BRUNNER, Mrs CALVO GARRIDO Lourdes, Mrs. José COCERO, Ms Christelle CRAMPON, MM. Jacques FAGES, Motonobu GOTO, Ireneo KIKIC, Zeljko KNEZ, Ms Clémence NIKITINE, MM. Michel PERRUT, Thomas PETIT-GAS, George ROBERTS, Mrs Helena SOVOVA.




The annual meeting, held at the University of SEGOVIA (Spain), is opened by the President, Professor Ireneo KIKIC. After signature of the participants list and counting the documents of absentees represented by participants, the President declares that the quorum is met and the Assembly can be held according to the Society status. The minutes of the last annual meeting ( Kyoto 2006) are unanimously approved.


1) Financial situation

The President presents the financial report for year 2006 and reads the report of Dr. Carsten ZETZL, Auditor. The net result is a deficit amounting at 12 758 € as no meeting was organised during 2006 meanwhile significant expenses were exposed. At the end of 2006, the net reserves amounts at 63 234 €. After a short discussion, the Assembly approves the annual accounts and gives quitus to the Board.

2) Society Board Election

Professor Ireneo KIKIC announces his intention not to continue as President after 7 years. The Assembly unanimously thanks him for his long and efficient service and nominated the following board for the three coming years :

President :

Professor Jacques FAGES

Vice-President :

Professor Ireneo KIKIC

Associated Vice-Presidents :

Profs. Gerd BRUNNER,
Motonobu GOTO

Secretary :

Professor Elisabeth BADENS

Deputy Secretary :

Professor François CANSELL

Treasurer :

Professor Michel PERRUT

Auditors :

Professor Keith JOHNSON,
Dr. Carsten ZETZL

3) ISASF Award

  • Dr. Rita DUARTE (Universidad Nova de Lisboa – Thesis Title : “Exploring Supercritical Fluid Technology for the Development of Controlled Drug Delivery Systems”)
  • Dr. Yohana PEREZ DE DIEGO (T.U Delft - Thesis Title : “Production of Controlled Drug Delivery Microparticles Using Supercritical CO2”)

They will receive the ISASF award (500 €).

4) Upcoming meetings

The programme of future symposia and meetings organized by the Society is discussed by the Assembly that finally decides the following :

  • 11th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids (New Perspectives in Supercritical Fluids : Nanoscience, Materials and Processing) to be held in Barcelone (Spain) on May 4-7-2008 ;
  • 9th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids to be held in Bordeaux/Arcachon (France) on May 11-12-13. 2009.

Other SCF (or related domains) symposia, meetings, seminars or summer schools, will be announced on the ISASF Web site.

Financial Supports 2007:

  • Summer School “Supercritical Fluids & Materials” (Arcachon, June 2007 – F. Cansell, C. Aymonier, O. Fouassier) : 2 052 €.
  • 1ères Journées Tunisiennes des Fluides Supercritiques et Applications, Hammamet, Tunisie – 5-7 November 2007 ) : 3 000 €.
  • 23rd ESAT (European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics) Cannes, France - 29-05/01-06 2008 – J.N. Jaubert, R. Solimando, F. Mutelet, L. Coniglio- : 1 550 €.

5) PhD Thesis Award

The Assembly decides to open a new bid for PhD thesis award to be granted during the next Annual Assembly. All University colleagues are invited to inform potential candidates and this will be also announced on the Web site. Assembly also decides to open the jury to new colleagues from different SFC research fields.

6) Annual registration fees

The Assembly decides to maintain the annual registration fees at Euros 20 or US Dollars 25.

7) Miscellaneous

After a short informal discussion between the participants, the President asks for any questions and comments, and finally closes the Assembly at 18h30.

Signed by :


Ireneo KIKIC, Vice-President
and former President

Elisabeth BADENS, Secretary

Jacques FAGES, New President

Michel PERRUT, Treasurer