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ISASF, International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids, is a non-profit society that aims to promote knowledge and applications of Supercritical Fluids.

Annual meeting 2008

Minutes of the annual meeting May 5, 2008 Barcelona (Spain)


Paolo ALESSI, Cyril AYMONIER, Elisabeth BADENS, Nicolas BARRIERE, Rainaldo BAZITO, Sagrario BELTRAN, Alberto BERTUCCO, Olivier BOUTIN, Gert BRUNNER, Lourdes CALVO, Pierre CEZAC, Marie José COCERO, Jacques FAGES, Neil FOSTER, Luca FIORI, Thomas GAMSE, Ireneo KIKIC, Frank LUCIEN, Nelio MACHADO, Jacques MERCADIER, Michel PERRUT, Cor PETERS, Martyn POLIAKOFF, Anne SERANI, Josef SCHULMEYR, Erwin SCHÜLTZ, Helena SOVOVA, Jaume VECIANA, Nora VENTOSA


François CANSELL, Hatem KSIBI, Pascale SUBRA, David TOMASKO


The annual meeting, held at the University of Barcelona (Spain), is opened by the President, Professor Jacques FAGES at 6 p.m. After signature of the participants list and counting the documents of absentees represented by participants, the President declares that the quorum is met and the Assembly can be held according to the Society status. The minutes of the last annual meeting (Segovia 2007) are unanimously approved.


1) Financial situation

The treasurer, Dr Michel PERRUT presents the financial report for year 2007 and comments the report of Dr. Carsten ZETZL, Auditor. The net result is, for the second year in a row, a deficit amounting at 14 268 € as no meeting was organised by ISASF during 2007 and therefore no significant income (except some bank interests) meanwhile current expenses were exposed. At the end of 2007, the net reserves amounts at 49 527 €. After a short discussion, the Assembly approves unanimously the annual accounts and gives quitus to the Board.

2) Upcoming meetings

ISASF organises two series of international conferences:

  • ISSF (International Symposia in Supercritical Fluids)
  • EMSF (European Meetings on Supercritical Fluids)

In the first worldwide series the ninth congress will be organised in Arcachon (France) on May 18-20, 2009. The next in this series is expected to be held in America in 2012.

In the second European series, the President asks for applicants: Dr Thomas GAMSE proposes to organise the next meeting (12th) in Graz (Austria). Prof. Cor PETERS proposes to hold the 13th in Delft (The Netherlands). A delay of eighteen months between these two meetings appears necessary, therefore, the Assembly decides to grant the organisation of the 12th EMSF to Dr GAMSE to be held in spring 2010 while Prof Peters is granted the organisation of the 13th in autumn 2011.

3) ISASF Award

The Assembly decides to open a new bid for PhD thesis award to be granted during the next Annual Assembly in Arcachon in May 2009. The ISASF award of 1000 € will be given to the best PhD thesis defended in 2007 and 2008. The applicants must send an extended abstract of a few pages to the ISASF secretariat. All the information can be found on the web site: www.isasf.net

4) Financial support 2007 :

Dr Catarina Duarte from Lisbon university has recently asked ISASF a financial support for a technical day which will be organised next June in Lisbon, Portugal. However, she will require this support only if an aid from the Portuguese government is not accepted. The Assembly decides of an aid of 500 € provided Dr Duarte will give confirmation for the need.

5) Miscellaneous

After a short informal discussion between the participants, the President asks for any questions and comments: it is asked to see if there is another possibility than bank transfer to register to ISASF meetings for instance by using procedure like “Paypal” The treasurer answers that in the past, the possibility to pay by credit card was very expensive for our association and therefore not adopted. However, he will seek if things have evolved in this matter After thanking all the participants the president finally closes the Assembly at 18h30.

Signed by :


Ireneo KIKIC, Vice-President
and former President

Elisabeth BADENS, Secretary

Jacques FAGES, New President

Michel PERRUT, Treasurer