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ISASF, International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids, is a non-profit society that aims to promote knowledge and applications of Supercritical Fluids.

Annual meeting 2009

Minutes of the annual meeting May 18, 2009 Arcachon (France)


Tadafumi ADSCHIRI, Cyril AYMONIER, Elisabeth BADENS, Sagrario BELTRAN, Dolores BERMEJO, Olivier BOUTIN, Maria-Jose COCERO  Christelle CRAMPON, Can ERKEY, Jacques FAGES, Motonobu GOTO , Elena IBANEZ, Jerry KING, Patrick LACROIX-DESMAZES, Youn-Woo LEE, Hubert LOCHARD, Angel MARTIN, Yasmina MASMOUDI, Jacques MERCADIER, Michel PERRUT Gian-Franco REGNICOLI, George ROBERTS, Bernard SEIFREID, Josef SCHULMEYR, Erwin SCHUETZ, Alexandre SCONDO, Anne SERANI, Pascale SUBRA, Feral TEMELLI, David TOMASKO, Charlotta TURNER, Nora VENTOSA, Carsten ZETZL




The annual meeting, held at the Palais des Congrès of Arcachon (France), is opened by the President, Professor Jacques FAGES at 6 p.m. After signature of the participants list and counting the documents of absentees represented by participants, the President declares that the quorum is met and the Assembly can be held according to the Society status.


1) Activity of 2008 :

Last year the 11th European meeting on Supercritical Fluids was co-organised by ISASF and a group of Spanish Colleagues headed by J. Veciana, L. Vega and N. Ventosa in Barcelona. With more than 350 participants and almost 300 communications this meeting was a great success.

2) Financial situation :

Dr. Carsten ZETZL, Auditor presents orally the financial report he wrote on the year 2008. After two years of deficit, 2008 gave a positive net result due to the success of the Barcelona meeting. The treasurer, Dr Michel PERRUT comments the fact that the financial situation of the society is good and that the cash management is sound without any risky investment .
The net result for 2008 is 24,636 €. However, due to a profit share with the organisers of Barcelona meeting, the effective net result amounts at 8,607 €.
At the end of 2008, the net reserves amounts at 55,932 €.
After a short discussion, the Assembly approves unanimously the annual accounts and gives quitus to the Board.

3) ISASF PhD Award

A jury of five scientists has evaluated an extended abstract of 15 PhD dissertations. All of them have been judged of excellent scientific quality. Nevertheless, one of them appeared quite clearly to be the best. The winner is the work of Miss Andréanne Bouchard from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, under the supervision of Pr. Witkamp. The title of her work is: Protein stabilisation and controlled particulate production by supercritical fluid drying. She will receive 800 €. Un fortunately, she is not attending the Arcachon meeting but her nomination will be announced at the last plenary session to be held the next day, May 19.

4) Upcoming meetings

ISASF organises two series of international conferences:

  • ISSF (International Symposia in Supercritical Fluids)
  • EMSF (European Meetings on Supercritical Fluids)

In the first worldwide series the 8th was held in Kyoto, Japan and the 9th is taking place in Arcachon, France. It is a tradition that Asia, Europe and USA organise this symposium each in turn every three years. Therefore, the 10th congress should be organised somewhere in America in 2012. The American colleagues in the audience are asked by the president if they want to talk about it.
In the name of several American and Canadian colleagues present, Pr Jerry King spoke to agree that a team around him will think of how, where and when such a conference could be organised. Several possible cities are cited: Denver, Vancouver, Boston, Montréal,... The dates will probably be during the spring of 2012.
It is probably too early to make a decision and it is agreed upon the fact that the decision will be taken definitively during the next general assembly which will be held in Graz (Austria) in May 2010.

In the second European series, the President reminds that Dr Thomas GAMSE from the technical university of Graz Austria will organise the 12th meeting on May 9-12, 2010.

Prof Adschiri from Tohoku University informs the audience of the Supergreen2009 congress to be held in Sendai Japan on October 15-17 2009. (http://www.senkyo.co.jp/supergreen2009/index.html).

5) Miscellaneous

No additional item to be discussed is proposed. Therefore, after thanking all the participants the president finally closes the Assembly at 18h30.

Signed by :


Elisabeth BADENS, Secretary

Jacques FAGES, President

Michel PERRUT, Treasurer