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ISASF, International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids, is a non-profit society that aims to promote knowledge and applications of Supercritical Fluids.

Annual meeting 2010


BADENS Elisabeth, BARTH Danielle, BOUTIN Olivier, BRUNNER Gerd, CARENO Stéphanie, CRAMPON Christelle, FAGES Jacques, GAMSE Thomas, GOTO Motonobu, KIKIC Ireneo, KNOETZE Johannes, KROON Maaike, MASMOUDI Yasmine, NUNES DA PONTE Manuel, PERRUT Michel, ROCKEFELLER Ben, SCHÜTZ Erwin, SCHWARZ Cara, WUBBOLTS Frank

Minutes of the annual meeting May 11, 2010 GRAZ (Austria)




The annual meeting, is held at the Technical University of Graz (Austria), during the 12th European meeting on supercritical fluids. It is opened by the President, Professor Jacques FAGES at 5:15 p.m. After signature of the participants list and counting the documents of absentees represented by participants, the President declares that the quorum is met and the Assembly can be held according to the Society status.


1) Activity report of 2009 :

last year the ISASF organised the 9th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids which was held in Arcachon (France). This world congress was chaired by Prof. J. Mercadier (LaTeP Pau), F. Cansell (IPB, Bordeaux) and J. Fages (Rapsodee, Albi). With 300 participants and almost the same number of communications this meeting was a success. During this conference the ISASF PhD award was given to Ms Andréanne Bouchard from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, for her work entitled: Protein stabilisation and controlled particulate production by supercritical fluid drying.

2) Financial situation :

The treasurer, Dr Michel PERRUT comments the text written by Dr. Carsten ZETZL, Auditor (absent to this meeting). The 2009 activity of the society resulted in a small excess of 3793 € mainly due to the positive balance of the Barcelona and Arcachon meetings. In a slide presentation, he showed that the society cash situation is roughly stable over the 6 past years. It can be concluded that the financial situation of the society is good and that the society is disinterested and honestly managed. After a short discussion, the Assembly approves unanimously both the general and the financial reports and gives quitus to the Board.

3) Upcoming meetings

ISASF organises two series of international conferences:

  • EMSF (European Meetings on Supercritical Fluids)
  • ISSF (International Symposia in Supercritical Fluids)

This general assembly takes place during the 12th EMSF. The next and 13th conference in this series will be organised in The Hague (The Netherlands) on October 9-13, 2011. Dr Maaike Kroon and Pr. Cor Peters from the Technical University of Delft are chairing the local organising committee. A first announcement on a flyer has been given to all the participants of the Graz meeting. The conference website is: http://isasf.net/TheHague

The research group "Processes and Supercritical Fluids" of the University Paul Cezanne Aix Marseille (contact: Elisabeth Badens) and the Laboratory of Supercritical Fluids and Membranes of the CEA Marcoule (contact: Christophe Joussot-Dubien) propose their candidature for the organization of the 14th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids in 2014 in Marseille (southeast of France). The meeting may be held in the old harbour of the city, on the mediterranean seaside.

Marseille is the oldest and the second most populated city in France. Marseille has an international airport and a low-cost air terminal. The travel from Paris with the high speed train lasts 3 hours. Marseille will be the European Capital of Culture 2013.

In the world series ISSF, the next symposium will be held in San Francisco, USA on May 13-16, 2012. This symposium is organised by Pr Jerry King, Pr Mark McHugh and Pr Feral Temelli. The conference website is: http://www.issf2012.com/ .

4) Election of a new board:

According to the status of our society, a new board must be elected every three years. The actual board was elected in 2007, therefore a new board must be elected during this assembly.

The president recalls who are the actual members of the society board :

President :

Prof. Jacques FAGES

Vice-President :

Prof. Ireneo KIKIC

Associated Vice-Presidents :

Profs. Gerd BRUNNER
Motonobu GOTO

Secretary :

Prof. Elisabeth BADENS

Deputy Secretary :

Prof. François CANSELL

Treasurer :

Prof. Michel PERRUT

Auditors :

Prof. Keith JOHNSON
Dr. Carsten ZETZL

Then he makes the proposal that this board could be elected for a new three-year term. The assembly approves unanimously this proposal. On behalf of all the board members the president thanks the attendees for their confidence.

5) Miscellaneous :

A new ISASF PhD prize will be awarded during the 13th European meeting in The Hague in 2011. All the PhD dissertations defended by the end of 2010 can apply. An extended abstract of 4 pages must be sent to the ISASF secretariat and a jury of five scientists will evaluate the quality of each research work. Details will be posted on the ISASF website soon.

No additional item to be discussed is proposed. Therefore, after thanking all the participants the president finally closes the Assembly at 18:00 pm.