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ISASF, ou A.I.P.F.S., Association Internationale pour la Promotion des Fluides Supercritiques, est une association à but non lucratif qui vise à promouvoir connaissances et applications des fluides supercritiques.


Open Postdoctoral position at Department of Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)

The focus of the position would be on thermodynamics, phase behaviour, distillation and/or extraction principles with particular focus on either high pressure/supercritical applications or low pressure thermodynamics and modelling thereof.

Contact :  

Prof. C.E. Schwarz, :

Deadline: 15th of March 2019 but late applications may be considered.

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CDD (1 an) / Ingénieur chercheur chimie organique H/F 

1 year Contract / Researcher - Engineer in organic chemistry 

Les Missions : 

- Conduite de projet relatif au développement de fonctionnalisation de matériaux par voie chimique

· Etablissement de l’Etat de l’art de la problématique

· Proposition de solutions de fonctionnalisation covalente adaptées

· Mise au point (expérimentations) des procédés chimiques en milieu CO2 supercritique, suivi/réalisation d’essais et caractérisations associées

· Production des livrables relatifs au projet

Lieu Place : Laboratoire Thermo-conversion des bioressources - CEA Grenoble / LITEN, 17 rue des martyrs 38054 Grenoble Cedex FRANCE

Disponibilité du poste / Position will be open from 4 March 2019

Contact :

CHAPUIS Marlène -

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Editors : Andrew J Hunt, Thomas M Attard 

"Exploring the range and utility of high-pressure solvent systems across a variety of different chemical applications, this book brings together recent advances in supercritical technology and other pressurised-solvent systems. It provides an in-depth overview of the latest advances and developments and discusses the limitations and drawbacks that need to be addressed. Wherever possible, the greenness and economic viability of the different solvent systems is highlighted. This book is ideal for researchers and industrialists working in environmental science, green chemistry and biorefineries."

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Open Postdoctoral contract in the High-Pressure Research Group at the University of Valladolid (Spain) - full time employment up to 31/12/2020.

Candidate : highly motivated researchers (with a PhD qualification) to work on the


Contact :  

Esther Alonso : ealonso(at) 

Deadline: 30th January 2019 or till the position is occupied

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